Monday, May 27, 2013

Mistakes: Take One

Hi everyone!  Yep, I make mistakes all the time!  How about you?  I just don't usually blog about them, lol!  ;)

Here is a classic that I have made before in the height of my creative glow, and I am sure I will do it a million more times before I am finished. 

Can't tell what's wrong?  Well, that is because I fixed it before I took this pic!  Otherwise the card would not have stood up well because I PUT IT ALL ON UPSIDE DOWN!  Oooops!  Sigh....

At least there is an easy fix for this problem.  I simply cut the front OFF of the card and glue it to the front of another one!  ;)  

I used Joyful Birthday for the sentiment here in White Daisy Pigment Ink. 

 Love those Black Glitter Buttons!  A purple sparkle in the middle accents it nicely.

I used the Banana colored Dream Pop Cardstock for this flower.  I just can't stop making them, lol!  Don't worry, I won't keep posting new versions of this card...I have to move on at some point.  ;)  Until that day comes, just bear with me and enjoy! 


  1. Amie... I truly believe handmade is best.. and good that you caught your error and could fix it easily... now that I quilt ... and see an error later... it is too late then to fix it! lol Not fun !!! Have a blessed day and nice to know you are human like the rest of us :) Kathi

    1. Absolutley, 100% human! Lol...would you believe I have even done it again since writing this post!? Oy! ;)

  2. All's well that ends well...whether upside-down or up-side right. And keep ringing the changes with that card design--its a winner!

    1. Thanks, Caroline! I love that..."up-side right." I am aiming for that at least! ;)


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