Monday, November 24, 2014

Be Still and Know that I am God

I wanted to stop in and let you all know that our wonderful Grandma Florida (as dubbed by my girls many years ago) passed away late Friday night.  Our hearts are heavy as we will miss her terribly until we see her again.  I cannot say enough about this generous woman whose 91 year old body truly just plain wore out while living life to the fullest.  She is my grandma by marriage, but I realized that she was mine for longer than one of my own even.  Grandma was a fantastic Scrabble player, a beautiful soul, and a force to be reckoned with, all in one dainty little frame.  My children all bear some of her remarkable genetics down to her energizing blue eyes. 

I made her a little card to keep with her at the rehab center that I was going to give her when we were supposed to see her at Thanksgiving.  I used one of my favorite My Acrylix stamps, Be Still, a Verve cross stamp, Cocoa Exclusive Ink, and the Yuletide Carol Paper Packet.  I didn't have the chance to give it to her, so I wanted to share it with you...

It will be pretty silent on my Facebook Page and blog as we take care of each other for a while.  I will be back after our Thanksgiving celebrations are finished, though, and have lots to still share with you from paper creations to new shimmer trim colors coming soon.  Yep.  I certainly will have my sparkle back in a bit, so Be Still, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I see you next month my friends! I am most thankful for you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Card Workshop Time!

I am so excited to host my annual Christmas Card Workshop!  I am even MORE excited to show you the first card we will be making!  It features my favorite new My Acrylix stamps set from Close to My Heart for Christmas...Sing Glory.  This is only offered as a Hostess Reward, so this is one of the few ways to be able to use it!

I combined two beautiful paper packets for this one:  Pear and Partridge (retired) and Yuletide Carol.  Does the card look familiar?  I used the example on page 7 of the Annual Inspirations Idea Book as my inspiration.  Close to My Heart Idea Books are intended to be just that--IDEA books!  Use the artwork inside for your own creations and take the agony out of designing.  :)

This angel stamp has so many details that I love!  Do you see the stars and snowflakes?

If it's a Christmas card, then it's gotta have some bling!  I chose the Sequins Gold Assortment to help us out with that...

A simple Merry Christmas sentiment can be stamped inside...

I am really happy with the way this one turned out.  We will be using the standard A2 side fold cards for these, not the top fold like in my pictures.  I designed it at an all day crop and cut my paper the wrong way for this one, lol!  ;)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

$5 Studio J Layouts in November!

So, I found out about the $5 layouts and had an INSTANT party in my brain, lol!  I KNEW in a flash that I would be creating my Christmas cards this year with the fantastic, free, photo scrapping software!

If you have never tried Studio J from Close to My Heart, you can set up your very own FREE account with no strings attached right HERE.

If you choose the NO LIMITS layout, you can create 4 - 4 x 8 inch photo cards on each page of the layout and still have room for two 4 inch square photos!  :)  Here is what I whipped up today with the Pear and Partridge Papers...

Wait a minute, I can hear what you are thinking...isn't Pear and Partridge RETIRED???  You bet it paper form!  There are MANY of your favorite retired paper packets still available right there in Studio J for your scrapbooking pleasure!  This includes the Stickease and color coordinated embellishments like ribbon and buttons!  There are literally so many possibilities I lost count, lol!

I made my daughters graduation announcements in the spring with Studio J after learning about the photo card idea from my upline, Mandy Leahy.  There have been so many improvements to the system since they started it, so you really need to give it a try!


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Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Use the Cricut Explore to Print then Cut A Shape and Font Together

Hey everyone!  I had a great time at the Crafty Souls' All Day Craft Event this weekend.  I could have done without the snow, but we were safe and warm inside anyway, lol. 

I made a cute little gift for everyone at the event, so I wanted to share it with you, and explain finally how to use Print then Cut on the Cricut Explore to print a font inside a cut-out shape. 

I added a few Close to My Heart Sparkles to complete my encouraging sentiment.

To begin with, I started a new project with my Explore.  I browsed the different shaped images until I found one that I liked for my project and inserted it.  You do not need to worry about sizing at this point, so just make it big enough to work with while you are arranging your font inside the shape.  Click on "Add Text" to get started with the next step of adding the text...

This is the box that pops up where you will type the letters you want to print inside the shape...

You can then see how it looks in a variety of fonts on your computer AND Cricut cuts.  :)

Arrange the words inside your shape until they are just right.  Time to play with color!  

After you change all the layers to "print" you need to attach it all together.  Using the cursor, left click on the canvas outside all your layers and drag it to the opposite corner...

Let go of the button and the entire image should be surrounded by this box...this will also pop up the layers box where you can then click on "Attach."

If for some reason that box doesn't surround the ENTIRE image (maybe surrounding just the words), you need to go further out on the canvas before you click and drag the blue box around it.  My first experience with doing this really gave me fits and kept just surrounding the inside words, so I recommend working with your image in the middle of the canvas and away from the edges.  That way you can have plenty of room for this step.  :)

NOW you can size the image as a WHOLE in the Edit box without worrying about the letters moving around on you.  You can move the entire thing around on the mat at one time.  :)

When you click on "GO" it will ask you how many projects you want to make.  I chose 6 for this one as that is how many would fit on my printer paper...   After it prints out, just place it on your Cricut mat like so...load it again and press the cut button.  I cannot believe how easy it was!  No more printing out business cards and cutting them out with my trimmer!  This makes things SO much easier!!!  :)

What will you do for YOUR first Print then Cut project on YOUR Explore?  :)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Close to My Heart Pathfinding Workshop on the Go Tag

Happy Hump Day!  I wanted to pop in this week to give you a look at the second project that I am teaching at my All-Day Craft Event on Saturday.  This one is a great little tag to use on something for the hostess with the mostest on Thanksgiving...

I used two of the stamps from the Pathfinding Workshop on the Go Cardmaking Kit for this one.

The rest of the tag comes together very quickly with a few fantastically shiny Close to My Heart products...

The tag shape AND the sentiment shape are both found on the Cricut Artiste Cartridge.

I also used the following...
Bronze Shimmer Trim
Bling Gems Gold Assortment
Sequins Gold Assortment
Pathfinding Assortment
Kraft CS
Chocolate Exclusive Ink

November Stamp of the Month!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Pillow Box Gift Card Holder with Art Philosophy and the CTMH November Stamp of the Month

It felt SOOO good to get some crafty time in yesterday.  I have lots to plan for, plus Christmas is just around the corner, so I need to get cutting!  ;)

We are making this Pillow Box (found on the Art Philosophy Cartridge) that is sized to hold a gift card at the class I am teaching on Saturday at Our Lady of Mercy's All Day Craft Event.  I can't wait!

The Pathfinding Paper Packet is a wonderful choice for fall crafting.  I paired it with the beautiful font and flowers in the November Stamp of the Month...It's the Little Things...

This Black Striped Twill Ribbon is so versatile!

Wait a minute!  I think I forgot to add my bling!  Better go dig out those Gold Sequins!  :)

November Stamp of the Month!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Liquid Glass: the Duct Tape of My Life

I am not kidding!  Some people use duct tape to solve all their "fix-it" issues at home...I use my Close to My Heart Liquid Glass!  I have shared many of these here on my blog from re-attaching stuffed animal eyes and cabinet knobs to fixing broken rings and Christmas ornaments.  Today I have a new one for you! 

Re-soling shoes!  Really!

This was my daughter's combat boot last week...yeah, awesome.

Still wearing my Captain America Jamberries from Halloween!  ;)

I had nothing to loose (except $50 on a new pair!) so I grabbed my Liquid Glass and gave it a shot!

I clipped it down to hold it while drying all day...

AND I kid you NOT, it held, and is still holding strong by the end of the week!!!  I am ecstatic and so is my daughter (who is essentially adult-sized!)  I think I just might call this stuff Liquid GOLD instead of glass!  ;)

You won't even find all these amazing abilities on the packaging (although I am going to suggest a better description for sure!)  Trust me, though, that I use it in so many ways besides adding heavy embellishments to my papercrafts and Base and Bling jewelry.  The amazing thing is that one bottle lasts an incredibly loooooong time.  It's kind of like Chinese food in that to keep on multiplying no matter how much you consume! 

Check out some Liquid Glass on my website, and don't forget to check out the specials for November!  Have a GREAT weekend!

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