Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Fave Close to My Heart Tools #2 and Special Offer!

This post is a difficult one for me to write.  You see, I have to eat my words.  ;)

I thought there was nothing better than our foam stamp scrubber with one side for cleaning and one side for drying.  I am totally a creature of habit, and for some reason resist change with almost every ounce of my being, lol.  So when CTMH came out with a NEW Stamp Scrubber, well, lets just say that I was a bit stubborn.  I was determined not to change my ways.  BUT, I admit it!  I was wrong!  I LOVE this new scrubber, and it is now my Fave CTMH Tool #2!

It gets the dye or pigment ink out of every nook and cranny on your My Acrylix stamps, and easily at that!  Have you ever had a problem getting thick pigment ink off of your stamps?  Well, then I highly recommend you try this scrubber, because you will never have that problem again!  Just stamp off the excess ink, squirt the stamp itself with your cleaner, and scrub-a-dub-dub!  Then, after you have been using the scrubber a while, just rinse it off under warm water to clean it.  THAT'S it!  I have been using this one for almost 9 months now, and can safely give it TWO thumbs WAY up!  :)

In fact, I love this tool soooo much, that I want you to love it too!  Anyone who places an order through me this month that purchases the Dream Pop Paper Packet is eligible to get this new scrubber for only $10!!!  That is almost a $3 savings for you to try it!  Contact me here or at to get this special offer!  Only available as long as Dream Pop is around this month, so if you are interested, hurry!  :)

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