Monday, February 1, 2016

Who Loves Ya? Hello, February!

OH my goodness, what I wouldn't give for another two days this weekend!  I can see you all out there nodding your head right along with me and shouting AMEN!  Some of you have had sick kiddos, I know...and others just had too much to possibly fit into two tiny days.  Me?  Well, I have been battling headaches for a while now, and this has been what I now refer to as a "headache weekend." Why I get such horrid headaches on the weekends I still have no idea.  All I know is that when I do, I get next to nothing accomplished.

SO, while I didn't get any crafty time, I will manage to cut out a few "old school" construction paper hearts tonight to leave for my sweeties to find in the morning...each with a little note telling them something I adore about them.  I saw the idea HERE, and I encourage you to play along this month!

Since it is also the first day of February, I have a couple tidbits of Close to My Heart news to share!

The Stamp of the Month for February is just the cutest little thing!!! You can get it anytime in February on my website for the regular price of $17.95, OR you can get it for just $5 with a $50 purchase!  Check out Balloon Animals...

AND, if that isn't enough...we have a BRAND NEW stamp set, Share the Love, available to raise funds for Operation Smile!!!

Support Operation Smile Here today!
 Have a great week!  See you again soon...


  1. I am so sorry you are battling headaches! I can super relate so I have such a soft spot for others battling them :( Hope you can figure out what's causing them. I get them from allergies more often this time of year...I have quite an allergy regiment. Good luck, my friend!

    1. I know that you know! I am pretty sure it isn't a food related thing, but that's it. I am thinking it is hormonal or allergy related. Thanks so much for thinking of me!


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