Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Perfect Pinterest Inspired Wedding Gift

I can't believe it has already been a week since I attended a very special wedding.  One of the "kids" I used to babysit for in college married his High School sweetheart, and it was such a beautiful sight!  After I was finally able to drown out the sound of my hubs whining about the start of college football that day (huh?), I was swept away into memories of days gone by...WAAAAAY BY!  ;)

Anyhow, as I prepared for this big event, I recalled a project that a friend had begged me to make that she had seen on Pinterest (thanks, Kate!)  I found lots of different versions to browse through, so I was able to locate a cute tree cut on my cricut carts and make a version of my own!

I am not quite sure what you would call this, but I refer to it as "the Wedding Tree" now.  The tree is cut on a beautiful script B&T Duo paper in the For Always Paper Packet with the Wall Decor and More Cricut Cartridge.  I altered the image in the Cricut Craft Room to make it just right.

I punched the hearts out on some beautifully textured Bazzill CS that was JUST the perfect shade of "madly in love" red.   The newlyweds' initials are printed on the hearts...

I hope Jon and Monica treasure this as a reminder of that special day in August when their two hearts officially became one (and my heart officially felt old!)  :)

I also grabbed my silver glitter paper, bitty sparkles, and Monogram C stamp from Close to My Heart and blinged up the ribbon on the package!

It is so great to have these supplies on hand at times like this!  No need to run anywhere but my scrap room!  ;)


  1. Love this! You did a fabulous job! Can you tell me more about what you made it into----is that a frame, shadowbox, etc? How big is it?

    1. Thanks Kate! And thank you always for the suggested projects, lol! I wanted to do it larger, but ended up changing my mind and using an 8 x 10 shadowbox. I think the smaller size makes it more versatile in the end. :)

  2. What a thoughtful gift! I was a little concerned about the lack of sparkle until I saw the wrapping, lol!

    1. I know, right, Hansi! Some people just don't appreciate the sparkle as much, so had to hold back on the home decor! ;)


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