Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Chevron Cards!

I was a true overachiever yesterday after missing a day of the Card-A-Day Challenge.  BUT in true form, I did not make up the day I missed, oh no, lol...I made TWO chevron cards for day 10!  I love chevrons, so why not?  ;)

Today I am sharing the Christmas card...

I used the Frosted Paper Packet and WOTG Cardmaking Kit.  All the papers are edge distressed with Whisper Ink.

This wonderful sentiment is second-degree stamped in Twilight Ink.  That means it was stamped once on another sheet of paper before I stamped it here just gives it a less BOLD color.

Did you know you can trim up those Sparkle Flourishes?  I used these remnants that I had from other projects for this card, and they were perfect!  

I really wanted more bling than just that, so I also trimmed this zip strip with the dark grey in the Black and Grey Glitter Paper.  I love how it is sort of a blue tinge.

My entire card design comes from Pattern 20 in the Make it From Your Heart Volume 2 How-to book from the new Close to My Heart Idea Book.  There are two different volumes now, and they have 18 scrapbook layout patterns and 12 card patterns that are inspired by Jeanette Lynton.  I love how easy they make the design process when I am in a hurry or in a slump creatively.  Check it out!  :)

My second chevron card uses a pattern from this same book, and I will show it to you a bit later!  See you soon!

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