Friday, September 13, 2013

Color Dare 62: A Taste of Sarita

Oooops!  This is Color Dare #60!  How in the world did I get to 62 already?  Sigh...the hazards of scheduling out your blog posts!  ;)

Welcome to a Latin flavored Color Dare!  Today we invite you to soak up the beautiful colors of Sarita:  Goldrush, Gypsy, Lagoon, and Outdoor Denim (Cotton Candy is optional.)

I didn't have to think very long about this one, because that textile fabric from the Fabric Necklace Kit was calling screaming my name from the bottom drawer!  ;)  I had been wanting to bling up one of Close to My Heart's new Base and Bling Hair Clips ever since I got my inky paws on was finally time!

My finished clip measures about 2 inches across, and I love to wear pins like this on my Close to My Heart apron for my workshops.  These Hair Clips work PERFECTLY!  Guess what, ladies?  My clips won't be falling off anymore!  ;)

I colored my Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon with my Goldrush Alcohol ink marker to make the ribbon to match.  I attached a super-sticky circle of adhesive (also included in the kit) to the hair clip base and laid the little cuts of ribbon around the perimeter.

Then I started to make the fabric flower (instructions are included with the kit) by tracing a 1.25 inch circle on my fabric with my Chalk Marker so I could easily see the lines.  I did this on the reverse side of the fabric and cut along the inside edge of the line.

Next, you simply fold the circle of fabric in half, and add a little strip of the handy super-tacky adhesive that comes with the kit.  Fold it in half again to complete one quarter of the fabric flower.

I love the little dimension it gives this super-simple flower!  You can do it with paper too, right Shelly?  ;)

I added the rest of the bling on top of the flower to complete my new clip!  The Gypsy and Cotton Candy Sparkles I used are retired, but you can color the clear sparkles now with the Alcohol markers to make the same ones!  :)

Guess what time it is?  YEP!  YOUR TURN!!!!  VAMONOS!  Go grab your own crafty supplies in these amazing Close to My Heart Colors (or similar ones if you don't have them) and GET YOUR CRAFT ON!  You can add any neutral colors to your project that you like...mine were black and silver.  If you like this trendy Latin color combo, then check out our Sarita Paper Packet and Textiles!

We cannot wait to see what you come up with when you link up with us over at Color My Heart the Color Dare


  1. What a gorgeous little accent, and a great comment-generator for your business! Love the idea as well as the execution, Amie, especially the added gems to the metal heart.

    1. Thank you, Caroline, it was really fun to do something a little different! :)


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