Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weekend Book Review! :)

Hi there! 

How many of my paper crazy friends out there love to read?

Well, one of my paper crafty friends, Becca Whitham, also happens to be pretty crafty with a pen--she's a novelist!  I was MORE than happy to be one of the first to read her new book collaboration with Gina Welborn that comes out in September, The Promise Bride. 

Oh my goodness what a delight to kick off my summer reading!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Emilia's adventure as a mail order bride, while accidentally picking up a bit of historical knowledge in the process.  The gently alluring romance drew me in from the second we met Mac, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get him out of my mind.  This is the perfect blend of romance and mystery/suspense!  The pacing was just right too as I was able to set it down for some zzz's each night. Truly a book that keeps you guessing to the end.  Wonderfully done and can't wait for the next!

I highly recommend you add it to your summer reading list!

So what are you guys reading these days? I am now (re)reading the third book in Stephen King's Gunslinger (The Dark Tower) series.  I was a member of his book club back in the day so managed to scoop up the entire series.  Between moming, and my daycare business, I somehow didn't get them read between 200? and now, lol.  Also, I seem to have misplaced the 4th book during my move last summer, so I am down to just one book to look for it, yikes!  Wish me luck, I am hoping to finally read them all before school starts again.  :)

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