Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This One Time, At Card Camp...

Giggling still from typing that title, so give me a second...and I think I just accidentally came up with the greatest name ever for my card workshops!!! 

OK!  I'm back with another card I made with my favorite little bear, Jack.  I wanted to play with some angled paper lines for this one.

The beautiful Sea Glass Glitter paper and sprinkle paper from Sugar Rush that I used are sadly gone now, but easily substituted!

Confession.  I made this one so long ago that I have no recollection which sequins I used, lol.  They could be from the Prickly Pear pack...or Dreaming Big (retired.)  Personally I think it could be both.

I DO know that I love this cloud paper from Little Dreamer.  As in I want to gobble it up (right Beth?)  ;)  It's soooooo perrrrrrrtty!

That vellum balloon is included in the Baby Girl OR Boy Complements...take your pick!

I used the gorgeous Pen Pal Alphabet to stamp the HB2U sentiment.  Seriously, this little sign being held by his bear hands is pure genius.  SO versatile when you just use the die without the stamp!!!  It is UBER easy to draw in his paws to color and also add the outline of the sign!  I stamp the lettering first so I know how much room I have to play with.  ;)

I hope these tips help you to make the most out of your stamps and dies!  Thanks so much for stopping in today! 

Seriously???  YEP!

Only during July!

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