Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Scrabble Card for Moms

You just never can tell when inspiration will strike...and last night it hit me hard!

I was cranking out projects for not only Mother's Day, but also for Teacher Appreciation Week.  First, let me show you this super-easy, super-cute card I made with the retired Typeset Paper Packet from CTMH.  It has long been a fave of mine for school themed paper crafts--this one just happens to be for Mother's Day.

I have been telling my kiddos for YEARS that MOM, spelled upside down and backwards is WOW.  If you don't get the connection, try it again until your mom is synonymous with all the wow feelings you can muster, lol.  ;)  This is actually called an Asymmetrical Ambigram in our crazy English language--now you REALLY learned something today! 

All the adorable puffy stickers not only make me nostalgic for my 80's style sticker album, but they are also a perfectly simple addition to the scrabble letters that were found in the now retired Footloose Paper Packet.

A strip of teal shimmer trim was REQUIRED as per my design manual.  ;)

I'll be back to share the rest of my inspiration tomorrow!  Don't forget to make the MOM in your life say WOW this weekend!  :)

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