Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Bokeh Technique Tastes Summer

I was super-stoked to try this new technique called Bokeh (NO idea how to say it, hahaha,) so lets get right to the details!  It was much easier than I anticipated, so I hope you give it a try too!  I have a quick little picture tutorial showing you how I did mine...but there are tons of ways to do this technique if you google it.  :)

I grabbed three colors of my pigment ink squares--Pixie, Smoothie, and Hollyhock.  I cut up a handy dandy little round sponge, and used them to swirl on the inks from lightest to darkest...

The white really looks yellow in my picture thanks to my lighting in the craft cave!

Now, just so you all know, my very professional circle stencil was simply a piece of vellum with different sized holes punched out, lol.  You don't need anything fancy at all!  :)

See, it isn't really yellow!  ;)
Here I go on my zip strip soap box again!  I LOVE these strips of coordinating pattern that run along one edge of our different pattern papers.  ALL Close to My Heart My Reflections paper packets have them!  I used this one from the Taste of Summer limited edition paper packet to add a bit of contrast, along with the Juniper CS and ink on the strawberry leaves.  The juicy fruit is stamped in Hollyhock.

I love the Taste of Summer My Acrylix fruity sentiments!   This one is just right for one of the many teachers in our lives!  Can you say, "LAST THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!"  Yep!

Grab yourself a Taste of Summer before the end of May!  :)

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  1. Love this and will definitely give this technique (regardless of how you say it) a try. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial.


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