Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Call for Graduation Decor!

Yikes!  I totally forgot to write my post for today!  I have already been consumed by summer, lol and it is only day two of break.  So have my kids by the sound of is already 8 am and no sign of life downstairs yet!  ;)

Well, the very last piece of my daughter's graduation decor is probably one of the most fun for me.  I made a sign to put up outside (and thank you, Jesus, it was gorgeous weather!) to direct people to our house.  Pssssht, let's face it--I was claiming my bragging rights as MOM!  ;)

I used two Cricut Cartridges for this one on my E2...Create A Friend and the Close to My Heart Cricut Artiste Cartridge for the lettering of her name.  I used the tassle on the cap to create her honor cords worn over her shoulders.  :)

 I also used the cap and diploma to make easy-peasy decorations about the house--seriously fun!

Here is what the sign looked like attached to the fence stake.  I used two layers of poster board and attached them to the stake with packaging tape.  It wasn't going anywhere, trust me!  :)

I just heard the water running upstairs, so time to put on my mom hat!  I hope you guys were inspired by my graduation decor this year to make some for your own grads...I have a good four years before I pull them back out of storage!  ;)

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