Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation Party!

I am back after a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughter's high school graduation.  Here is a quick inside peek of the celebration...

 And now, let me show you the REAL star of the day...

My sister and her family brought their newest member of the family along with them.  My super-sweet little French Bulldog niece, Hazel, sure stole the show!  :)

I promise to be back this week with details and more pics, but this momma of the graduate is TIRED and the window replacement guys come tomorrow!  :)


  1. OMG everything you made turned out so awesome and I so love how you decorated I know it's a lot of work have done it 4 times but it's so worth it and when you look back at your pics it'll bring back such happy heart warming memories. Your daughter is so pretty.....great pics and let's not forget Hazel what a cutie!!
    Thanks for sharing gave me chills and the warm fuzzies. What a nice family and you are a super mom!!

    1. Joan, you sure know how to make a girl smile! FOUR TIMES!!! Sounds like YOU are the super mom! :) I am so glad you enjoyed following our journey...and I have two more to go, so stick!


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