Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cricut Mat Tip for Tuesday!

Hey there, my friends!  Just a quick tip to share with you today, but it is a goodie! 

I recently went a little wild bending my Cricut mat to remove some CS cuts quickly, and the unthinkable happened...it cracked! 

It was rather cool in my basement craft cave, so I can't say it was any fault of the mat.  I was in a bit of a time crunch, and in shock to say the least, so I did what any good crafter would do--grabbed my packing tape!  ;)

I placed my paper on the mat as usual (to cover the stickiness), flipped it over, and placed the packing tape carefully over the crack and around to the other side without covering the sticky surface or the paper.  I made sure it was firmly against the side of the mat to be sure to fit through the guides on my Explore. 

And it WORKED!!!  I was absolutely thrilled! 

Just wanted to share this in case you guys run into the same problem sometime!  :)

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