Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday College Edition

Oh my goodness!  I am NOT ready to post this yet but I never WILL be so here we go!

Remember this one?  My original post is HERE if you need a refresher...

Yeah, it has been a while indeed!  But the time has come...and my oldest girlie is headed off to college!  My momma heart is barely holding on just writing those words, so this is going to be a bit rough.  Don't blink, my peeps.  I got this card out of my room and am sitting here wondering what to say, but all I can think is how happy I am to live in a world with texting!!!  ;)  How did our parents ever do it!? 


  1. Kigz...FACETIME!!! If you don't have an Apple product, buy two for her and one for's the ONLY thing that saved me for the past year! Good luck...I know what you're feeling...except, I actually think this second go-round is worse than the first!!!

    1. Oh, we have them! She has a terrible connection at school, though--booooo! I don't know what I would do without FB and Instagram. It comes in waves when I miss her so it doesn't get better? Sigh...hugs!


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