Monday, August 25, 2014

Makeover Monday: My Repurposed Die Cut Organization System

Welcome back to my blog!  It is Makeover Monday, and I am here to admit that I am NOT terribly organized in EVERY way usually, lol.

But, I AM totally patting myself on the back for this super idea to re-purpose my old Creative Memories sticker binder to use as my die cutting storage.  I think I see some glitter paper that snuck into my pic, lol!  Go figure!

The plastic sleeves were just the right size for the various sizes of dies that I have...

I was even able to use the studio sticker strip protectors, I guess I just got tired of editing the pics since I can't seem to find them!  ;)

This binder makes it super easy to flip through the dies to see what I have to choose from.  This is WAY easier than my old method of thumbing through them while standing up in a divided tray!  Can you believe I was trying to sell this entire binder when I thought of the idea?  Not anymore, that is for sure.

Do you have any great storage ideas?  Please share them!  

Get it HERE!

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