Monday, October 28, 2013

A Witch Hat Sucker Tree with Liquid Glass to the Rescue!

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a productive weekend!  I did, and I didn't, lol.  Kids' school projects projects DIDN'T!  Oh well! 

This is one of the projects that my daughter asked me to assist with...actually, she complimented my craftiness by coming to me for her group, so goodness knows I was not saying NO!  ;)

This is a statistics project for a carnival--sounds more like fun than school!  Love it!  Anyhow...they wanted to do a pumpkin shaped foam, but since they don't actually MAKE that, I suggested this instead, and they LOVED the idea!

WHY, you ask, is there a bottle of my Close to My Heart Liquid Glass sitting in the pic?  Well, because when my hot glue gun decided to take a day off from working (grrrrr) I grabbed the only other thing that was guaranteed to hold the brim on this hat!  And it worked like a charm!  :)

The odds are NOT in the game-players' favor for this one, but the sign sure is CUTE!!!  A little help from my trusty Cricut, and a sign was tossed together lickity-split!  We used the Kate's ABC's Cricut Cartridge for the lettering.  My girlie was gluing the "u" from sucker together with my Bonding Memories pen when I took the pic...

Do I really need to convince you of the wonders of Liquid Glass any longer?  It that can't make your kids' school projects easier, then I am not sure what can!  ;)  Thanks for popping in to see me today and have a blessed, sparkly day! 

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