Friday, October 18, 2013

Breaking News! Special Close to My Heart Rewards Club Announcement!

Hi everyone!  I already announced this to my Facebook Followers, so be sure to follow me there if you want the scoop early!  ;) You can find the link over to the right ------>

So, level with many of you have an ENDLESS list of wants NEEDS each time Close to My Heart releases a new Idea Book?   I know I do, and I bet there are several of you who simply want more than you can spend.  Well, I have the solution!  I am starting up a REWARDS CLUB!  YES!  I am totally serious!  The best part is that you don't even have to live near me to participate! 

I have two BRAND NEW clubs that I am opening up for membership!

~The first is the Savvy Spender Club.  This Club will have ten members who purchase $15 worth of product each month for 10 months.  One of those months will be YOUR reward month!  You will get to choose at least $25 in Close to My Heart products*** during your reward month for FREE!  WOW!  

~The second club is the Ink Me Up Club! Want to take advantage of your rewards sooner?  Sign up for this club for a 6 month commitment and spend $25 each month on your favorite Close to My Heart products.  Again, you will be able to choose at least $25 worth of free Close to My Heart Products*** during your reward month.  This club is limited to 6 members.  WOOHOO!

***Rewards must be chosen from Papers, Inks, Acrylic Blocks, Stamps (including the limited edition Hostess only stamps!), My Stickease, or My Reflections products--the same choices that are available through the Hostess Rewards Program as outlined in the Idea Book on Page 4.  MANY products to choose from!  I will draw the names out of a hat to chose which reward month will be yours.

Space in either club is on a first come, first served basis, so don't wait!  Le me know by commenting here with a way to contact you, or email me at to let me know which club you are interested in joining.  Don't worry, I preview all my posts because of spam, and I won't post your comments that include your contact information, I will just use it for my personal records and club purposes.  I cannot wait to start you on your way to earning your rewards!


There is more!  Since this is my first rewards club, I want to REALLY reward you!  At the conclusion of your club commitment on either club, I am going to draw a name of one of the Club members to receive THEIR CHOICE of Close to My Heart's Cricut Cartridges for FREE...from ME!  You read that right!  Someone from EACH reward club is going to win a FREE CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!  :)  Remember, space it limited, so let me know right away if you are interested in joining!

Want more details?  Click HERE to go to my Rewards Club Page! Some of this information is repeated, so scroll down for the details over there...thanks!

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