Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color Dare #7

Alright!  I am officially back in the swing of things after summer vacation.  I feel so accomplished after surviving the 109 degree heat in Nashville.  ;)

On to this week's Color Dare!  This one is a great color combo--we are to use the secondary colors of orange, green, and purple in any shades we choose.  I chose Sunset, Sweet Leaf, Topiary, and Petal, along with the neutrals Colonial White and Chocolate.

This is seriously another case of hand-hitting-forehead inspiration because it came to me as I was designing card layouts for my next workshop.  I quit the cards and went right to work.  You see, while I was cutting, I ended up with a leftover strip from the Victory Paper Pack that I took one look at and just HAD to make it into a bookmark.  This one will be for my niece's baptism birthday this Saturday, so the timing was phenomenal, and definitely from above!  In fact, most of the pieces I used were in my leftover drawer with cuts that I had not used on other projects--the only ones I did especially for this one were the Petal colored flowers.  Reheated leftovers--yummo!   ;)

Here is the original version:

Now here is the Glitzy version!

I realized while threading the ribbon that the paper would be better with a little more thickness here where it ties in.  I easily reinforced it by making two flower cuts with the AP Cart on our cardstock, punching a hole through the center, and adhering one to each side of the bookmark.  Walla!

Here is the recipe for my reheated leftovers:
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Victory Paper Pack
Colonial White, Sweet Leaf, and Petal Cardstock
Colonial White and Topiary Inks
My Acrylix Rock the Block Stamp Set
My Acrylix Card Word Puzzle Stamp Set
Ribbon and brads from the Sunset Mini Medley Assortment
Glitter Glitz in Stardust


  1. Love the flower "eyelet" for the top of tag.

    1. Yes! That is a great word for it, thanks!

  2. I love how cheerful and fun your bookmark is! I especially like the glittered version. thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks so much, Stamping Queen!

  3. Replies
    1. You are too kind--thanks for the compliment! :D

  4. what a beautiful tag!!! I love to make tags. thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog and following me. Just signed up to follow ur blog. can't wait to see all of your new creations!!! thanks again!

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks so much. They work great as bookmarks, too! ;)

  5. Amie, your bookmark is great! The secondary colors work really well with the chocolate! Very pretty. Thanks for joining in at Color my Heart.



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