Monday, July 9, 2012

Chevron Inspiration

Serious readers may have the day off, because this is sort of silly.  ;)

I was really wanting to use chevrons in a card for my next workshop since they are all the rage right now.  While I didn't get inspired that direction, I WAS inspired to make another card.  Many of you will get the connection right away, here it is!

I haven't thought of Charlie Brown's shirt in ages, so the fact that this popped into my head just helps me believe that I really haven't forgotten as much as I thought.  I hope you have a good laugh with me over this one!   So fun!

I also learned a valuable lesson while making this card--don't delete pics too quickly!  You see, I wasn't crazy about the way I wrote the words, "Good Grief," at first.  I decided to use a little trick to cover it up by placing a piece of cardstock right on top of the mistake.  I used to have a picture of what it looked like before, but erased it too quickly--could have used it as a before/after mistake picture.  Oh well, you still get the idea.  That is really just one of the many ways you can correct a mistake on a card you are making.  Maybe I can do a series of posts on how to cover up mistakes?   Hmmmmm....


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