Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Down!

It is totally Tuesday!  Did anyone happen to catch Monday?  Anyone?  Yep, me neither.

Anyhow, I had a fantastic time at my very first card workshop this past Friday.  It is really some feeling to be able to share a hobby that you love with your friends, but for me to be able to attempt to make a career out of it is a dream come true for sure!  Here are a couple of pics of my set-up--and kudos to Bethie for thinking of taking them!  ;)

Here is my new table!  I think I might be asking for another for Christmas...

Table #2...hope it wasn't wobbly, girls!

Here are the name tags for the containers that held the card supplies...wouldn't want your hard work to go home with someone else!  :)

My next workshop will be in August, and I am busy designing and working out the kinks as I type! 

OK, so we have this little issue of my sneak peak last week.  Yes, I remember!  I had printed out a bunch of paper pieces from my Cricut Imagine--and I actually got it calibrated the BEST I have managed yet.  I used them to make some awesome cards with my Close to My Heart embellies and stamps and such.  It was great to get back to my Imagine to play, and I love the results!  Hopefully all the recipients have seen their cards by now! 

Love the bear's little twine collar.  Makes him less scary, don't you think?   ;)

Whew, that was pretty picture heavy.  I will save the rest for tomorrow! 

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