Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome Home, 2017!

Welcome to 2017...and welcome National Papercrafting Month!!!

I briefly introduced you to this GEM of a kit that you can actually get for FREE this month!  It is called the Welcome Home Wreath Kit from Close to My Heart.  Here's mine all finished...

I absolutely love it sooooooooo much more than I ever thought I would!  It was super easy to punch out the floral parts and assemble it with my trusty Liquid Glass.  No hot glue gun required, so no worries!!!  Here are a few close ups...

I added a new Gold Glitter Gem to the center of each rose and on each side of the "Welcome" banner.

Sea. Glass. Glitter. Paper. Boom.

Now for some tips and tricks to use if you want to assemble one of these beauties yourself!

1.  It took me a good 4 hours to really personalize mine the way I wanted.  I inked the edges of most of the papers.  Do it!  If you do--ink everything FIRST!  I used Topiary Ink on the truest green leaves and petals,New England Ivy on the rose leaves, and Fern Ink on the rest of the greenery.  The blue flowers petals I edged with a light hand in Peacock Ink--yep I know, pretty dark!  I love the contrast, but you could go lighter with Glacier for a more subtle effect. Your fingers will be very inky, so wash your hands really well before assembly too--do NOT touch those white roses after inking--curl them FIRST and hide them, lol, or make sure your fingers are good and clear of smudging ink on them.  Actually, just roll them first!

Look at the difference in the petals of the succulents both inked and non...

2. Add glitter if you like!  I ended up adding layers of my gorgeous Sea Glass glitter paper to the blue flowers...and it was super easy!  I just used the empty punch outs as a stencil to trace on the back side of the glitter paper...then cut them out!  These cuts are also available on the Flower Market Cricut Cartridge, but I only wanted to cut a few, so this was way faster and conserves the glitter paper.

The glitter paper is pretty thick, so I peeled off that back layer to let the petals curl more easily later...

3. Add the twigs and leaves as you go...not at the beginning!  Better yet, lay it all out like I did before you start gluing anything to the hoop...flowers first, making sure you know which ones are layered over others, then see where you want to add the other greenery and twigs.  Place your banner so you know where you would like it to be as well--before you attach anything!  After I knew I liked the arrangement, I took a picture for reference.  I glued the large white rose on first and kind of made my way out from there.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these kits there are 4 great ways to do that!  Three of those ways get it to you FREE!!!!  You can purchase the kit on my website for just $18.95.  You can get it for FREE along with a $60 order, OR earn it free as a Hostess when your party reaches level 2 in sales, OR you can get one FREE when you join my team this month!!!  Now the only question left is, how are you going to snag one?  :)

Here is a GREAT little video to show you the kit assembly!

Only in January! 

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