Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week One 2015 Wrap Up Goals Vs. Reality #jrlcreativechallenge

Hi everyone!  I wanted to be making this post over a week ago, but as far as best laid plans go, mine aren't really cooperating.  I had some MAJOR goals for 2015 in the scrapbooking department.  They kind of got derailed by a non-functional (but BRAND NEW by the way) Canon Selphy printer.  I cannot at the moment give it a glowing recommendation, but I do hope to have another one in my hands soooooooooon so I can catch up yet again.

I DID decide to show you the layout I finally got put together without the actual pics I had planned, however.  Do you hear me, Canon, I will NOT be deterred!  As far as my scrapbooking resolution goes, gettin' 'er done is the name of the game and I intend to!  Just in time for the #jrlcreativechallenge HERE is my layout.  ;)  I added the Shine ON card in the upper left until I can get the right pics...

I have just three pics printed for 2015...because they each ended up with a white stripe down the middle...ugh.  I didn't want to waste any more paper or ink, so I stopped at three.  I can show you the PML cards I used for the layout though!  The first one uses a great little stamp for you bling lovers like me!  It is found in the Glitter Glam My Acrylix, and I stamped it onto the PML card from the Chalk It Up Picture My Life A la Carte Cards...

See more of this stamp set HERE on the Close to My Heart Blog! 

You are NOT dreaming!  You can now purchase JUST the 122 PML cards for $14.95 without the page protectors!  That way you are free to choose the style of page pockets you want to use (IF any at all!) You can also still purchase them as a kit for $24.95 as well to make it super simple and quick, or to just try all of the styles out.

Used my glitter pen to add the sparkle!

This awesome shiny gold foil star is in the National Papercrafting Kit, Year Noted.

SO, my saga continues as far as my weekly goals go this year, but I am determined to make this work!  Stay tuned, and NEVER let ANYONE (or thing) dull your sparkle!  :)

This little bit of sparkle mojo happened across my screen recently and helped me in my current mess, so I wanted to share it in case it helps you out whatever your "mess" might be!


  1. Your LO turned out fabulous and your photos are so cute....loved your story share and it does stink when the techy stuff doesn't work right but your tude was perservere and perservere you did so YAY for you......everything turned out super and YOU ROCK!!

    1. Thank you so much for adding some beautiful sparkle to my morning, Joan! That Selphy should be showing up any time! :)

  2. Oh Amie! I love this!!!!!!!! I love how you turned something that was so completely frustrating (aka the printer not working) into a fun memory!!!!!! Love it!!! I'm still anxiously awaiting my Selphy!!! I haven't bitten the bullet and purchased Amazon Prime yet soooooooo I must wait just a wee bit longer! ha!!!!


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