Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday Scrapbooking Tips!

I am throwin' back to the beach again today to bring you a quick and easy tip for hiding those "not so picturesque" parts of your pics. 

This is the second page of my layout I showed you on Monday HERE...

See how I used the inch and a half border that was left from the Paper Fundamentals Whimsey Assortment to frame this one?

I wanted to use this picture, but one of my kiddos' derrieres was pretty prominent, lol, and I really couldn't crop it out without altering the pic too much...

A clever bit of journal box placement was all it took to remedy the situation so that everyone would be happy.  ;)  I love the way the dark CS looks with the white Gelly Roll ink...

Remember, there are never any mistakes in scrapbooking--only opportunities for embellishment!  ;)

Last week to get this one!

Time is almost up for this one too!


  1. This post made me smile. You are so fun Amie!

    1. Thanks for sharing that you did! I love to throw in a bit of lighthearted humor--lets face it, we NEED it! :)


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