Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Close to My Heart Convention Time!

Oh my goodness, I just typed that title and got a bit giddy.  Then I remembered I am not going to be in Disneyland for the big reveals this year.  Insert pouty face here.

Aha!  No time to pout!!!

BECAUSE...One of the big parts of convention that makes it such a fantastic experience is sharing the time with some amazing friends who don't really mind at all if I talk about CTMH from dawn until dusk (you just can't count on the hubs to sit and listen to that)...SOOOOOO...that is exactly what I am doing!  I am meeting up with one of my BFF's who happens to have a heart for the same things as me--one of them being Close to My Heart!!!  We are going to talk business, get creative, and miss our friend dearly who is not able to make the trip...but we are going to sparkle times ten!

I cannot WAIT to get going and to hear all the little tidbits of new product rumors that are soon to come!  Will they bring back buttons?  Will there be more GLITTER???  Will TC show up at CTMH convention in Disneyland????   WHO will find a Sticky Boy???  ONE thing that I CAN tell you...

*******NEWS FLASH*******

...there is DEFINITELY going to be a NEW Cricut Collection released!!!  AND it will be available to all my customers starting a MONTH EARLY!!!  I have no idea what is on it, or what it is called, but the NEW Close to My Heart Cricut Collection is coming to you LIVE on August 1st!  BUT, that's not ALL!  There will also be a new My Reflections paper line introduced and available for purchase that same day along with the usual complements and assortment embellishments, so STAY TUNED!!!

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I will be posting all the new product news as I learn about it!  

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