Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Life in Pictures and Pockets!

Hi everyone!  I thought I would follow up yesterday's post with another Picture My Life layout using the Skylark Kit.  To see yesterday's post about how I used one of the pocket cards in a greeting card, click HERE.

These pages go together lickety-split!  I still have to add journaling, but that is super-easy to go back and complete.  Besides, I want my photo subjects to help with that part!  This makes it easy to hand someone a journal card to write out and then slip it back into a pocket.  LOVE!!!

Here are some simple ideas to use in your new Picture My Life pocket pages...

In this pocket, I cut out part of a picture to use as journaling.

You can add as many or as few pictures as you like to tell your story.  You can make title cards using your Acrylic stamps and some cardstock--just round the corners with our Corner Rounder to match the corners on the pre-cut cards!

See how I cut the 4 x 6 picture to fit two pockets?

You can arrange your pictures and cards in any pattern you like! 

I cannot wait to get these finished up with our journaling!  :)

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