Friday, September 11, 2015


I had my crafty post all ready to go...and then slid my cursor over to the far right side of the screen to schedule the post for the next day...for September...11th.  The day doesn't necessarily sneak up on me.  I think it's more of a denial type thing for me.  Am I alone in that feeling?  But there it was staring me in the face.  So I reluctantly scheduled my post for next Friday and went to take a nice, long shower.  And cried.  Again.  Each year is the same.  The same raw, unfaded emotion.


I didn't lose a single person I know or love that day.  Many people did...but not me.  I was pregnant with my second daughter, getting the first kiddo ready for another morning of Kindergarten.  I don't know what day of the week it was or what show she was watching on TV.  Probably Blue's Clues.  BUT, I can still hear my sister's frantic voice on the other end of the line..."can you believe this?"  Nope.  I still can't.

This year, I want to remember in a different way...not just with tears and retelling my children the events of the morning, and of how I sat in front of the television for DAYS as events and stories unfolded.  I don't want to linger on how that day changed almost everything about trust for me, or about how I faced the reality of evil in the world I was bringing another child into...because that was then.  And this is is the same reality, but we don't have to feel helpless and scared and unsafe.  We can be the exact opposite of that for someone else living that reality on this shared planet--on earth that is our home for this short, hard, time. 

I will remember the Syrian Refugees fleeing their homes that have been destroyed and pillaged by ISIS monsters we could only dream of on 9/11.  I will remember the 11 million people needing a safe place to turn that our government has all but abandoned.  How quickly we forget the horrors.  I will not forget the terrorist actions on my country's soil 14 years ago, and I am sure you won't either, but this year I am turning feeling helpless into strength and action.  If you want to remember these people with me, there are several ways to help.  Go to Ann Voskamp's Blog to read about the worst refugee crisis since WWII HERE

Need a good solid punch in the gut to see what I am talking about?  Have no idea what's happening halfway around the world while we are snug in our beds?  Watch this video on FB to illustrate how the Syrian refugees are JUST LIKE US.  Make sure your volume is up. 

If you are still reading, I thank you profusely, and may you be the light in a dark, scary world for someone today!

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