Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Artfully Sent Images! Here They ARE!

Alright!  You heard it is finally here!  Now go see what Artfully Sent can do for YOU and your cards!

HERE is the link to see the handbook of sample cards!  :)


HERE is the link to see ALL the images on the cartridge!  :)

Now, as soon as I get my cartridge, you know I will be MAKING some actual cards, right, lol?!  Until then this is the best I can do!  ;)

UPDATE!!!  The Artfully Sent Cartridge Handbook is finally ONLINE HERE!
The Assembly Book is also available HERE!!!

I have this one shot of the handbook from convention:

I think the font is AMAZING!  Do you like it?  You can see it all in the links above!  :)

You can also CLICK HERE if you just want to get your hands on it now, lol!  Anyone who buys it from my website this month gets a special little thank you gift from me!  :)

You will get the Cartridge, THREE My Acrylix stamp sets, and a pack of 24 sheets of White Daisy Cardstock to get you started, all for just $99!  This cartridge is only available from Close to My Heart and NOT from any of Provo Craft's subscription services.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I would be happy to help you out.  :)

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