Monday, July 7, 2014

Makeover Monday for Operation Write Home

It might be Monday, but we GOT this you guys!  :)

Today is a special Monday because it is MAKEOVER Monday!  To day I will show you a card re-do for my Operation Write Home Card Workshop coming up on July 18th and 19th.

Glitter is NOT allowed on any of the cards I donate to OWH.  It is just plain DANGEROUS for our servicemen and women to get anywhere near any flaked-off glitter since they can possibly be seen through night vision goggles.  At the end of my post I will link you to the LONG explanation for this rule...but trust me, it is important.  This means some serious re-thinking of all my instincts when making cards!  I reworked this card from the Lollydoodle Cardmaking Workshop on the Go in order to eliminate the shimmer trim--GASP!  Anything for the men and women who protect my freedom!

Now, I am not sure about sequins, so I opted to forgo those as well...

These Aqua and Flamingo Dots are the PERFECT substitute for the sequins!  

How about that!?  I am rather fond of the non-glittery version myself.  I think this sentiment will be JUST the thing someone is looking to send a loved one back home.  :)

I will have a tab up soon for my OWH Card Workshop! 

See how to get it for just $5 HERE!

NOW!  Here is that link over to Operation Write Home so you can read up on the NO GLITTER rule, and actually watch a pretty darn funny video by Sandy Allnock!  :)


  1. Love this re-work, Amie! I wish I could join you for your OWH workshop. It's a little far, but I'll be with you in spirit!! :)

    1. Thank you! I wish you could tooooooo! :)


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