Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Close to My Heart Bracket Frame Special Order

Hi everyone!  I am super-happy to have finished a special order for a friend of mine.  She gave me a special poem that she found about adoption that she wanted to be turned into a wall decoration of some sort.  Enter:  the Bracket Frame and my Avonlea Paper and compliments!

I was so excited to start this project with these colors, and my friend loved the scheme too.  These two rosettes were the start of the frame project that we received at the St. Louis Regional last September, but I had never assembled them, lol!  They sure were the perfect accent for this frame!

I hate to break it to you, but all of these products except the frame itself are retired now, so you won't be able to duplicate this one at home unless you already have them.

I love the depth of this frame style.  I added to the feeling by placing one of the complement vines on the inside layer of the frame.  I inked them with Slate ink for a darker appearance.  Perfect!

I am so pleased that it was a successful project and my friend loved it!  It always warms my heart to be able to make people smile with the things I make.  The poem itself is one that ran in an old Ann Landers (Dear Abby) column in the paper.  Here it is if you would like to read it.  Truly beautiful. 

Legacy of an Adopted Child
(Author Unknown)
Once there were two women
Who never knew each other.
One you do not remember,
The other you call mother.
Two different lives
Shaped to make yours one.
One became your guiding star,
The other became your sun.
The first gave you life
And the second taught you to live it.
The first gave you a need for love
And the second was there to give it.
One gave you a nationality,
The other gave you a name.
One gave you a seed of talent,
The other gave you an aim.
One gave you emotions,
The other calmed your fears.
One saw your first sweet smile,
The other dried your tears.
One gave you up –
It was all that she could do.
The other prayed for a child
And God led her straight to you.
And now you ask me
Through your tears,
The age-old question
Through the years:
Heredity or environment
Which are you the product of?
Neither, my darling – neither,
Just two different kinds of love.

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