Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hug Somebody! Five Faves #4

Hi everyone!  I have an assignment for you today.  Think of a person you know who might be going through a rough spot with their health, work, or relationship.  Come on, I know you know someone.  Now, make them a card.  Support them and lift up their spirits.  Put a smile on their face for a moment.  You just never know when that human touch will be pivotal.  Here is a card that I sent to my mom last month.  I just so happened to use one of my Five Fave CTMH Embellies on it!

Mom has been going through some health changes lately and things have been rough to say the least.  But she is tough...she has been strong as far back as I can remember.  She had been so strong lately, in fact, that I hardly put too much thought to what she was dealing with--until she broke down on the phone with me one day.  It opened my eyes to the fact that even seemingly emotionally strong people are only so strong by themselves for so long.  I made this card to let her know I am here for her always to support her, and try to bring a smile to her face again.  It did.  :)

I love tying My Five Fave Embellie #4,  Black Tulle Ribbon on cards and other projects.  I have experimented with several ways to use it.  These frames on D1546 Frame Flair are awesome for covering it where I tie it in the middle with a small piece of twine, because it doesn't look all that pretty there.  Here is a pic of the super-versatile four-stamp set...

 I stamped this one in Cotton Candy Ink.  The Love and Hugs sentiment is found on C1524 Words of Comfort.  I like the way the black elements really contrast with the Chantilly papers. 

God won't give us more to bear than He will help us bear.  Who is God asking you to help through that time?   I'm willing to bet that you just thought of them at the beginning of my post.  ;)  Go spread some sparkle, my friends! 

Want to see other projects that I used this tulle on?  Click HERE!


  1. Amie... love this card and love the topic you chose too! I have all the stuff to do this... not in chantilly but I have the rest! Thanks for inspiring me... email me and I will tell you how to get spam spammed on blogger too so you can get that off your page if you want it off :) Kathi

    1. Hi there, Kathi! Thank you so much...and the spam is driving me crazy...I don't want to have to put the verification on because that drives my readers crazy, lol, is there another solution besides moderation? I'll shoot you a message later...


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