Monday, June 18, 2012

Stella Gets Roses :)

Hi everyone!  Now that the hopping is over, I have a project to share that I made for my Kick-Off.  I wanted to use the My Creations Milk Carton as a vase somehow, just was not sure how until it all came together.  I experimented with different ways to make the roses too with our Art Philosophy Cartridge.  Here is the finished project all decked out with Stella papers:
 I added a Bling Button with this natural hemp to add some sparkle.
 FYI--I tried to stamp a heart on the metal tag, but it didn't work with my Ink.  Not sure if the Stayz On would have worked, but I might try that another time.  I used the Stella Compliments on this side.  Have I ever mentioned that this is my FAVORITE paper pack right now?  ;)
 It was not difficult to measure this up to paper the sides at all--very easy measurements.
 I had to use my favorite stamp set right now in this project too--Just For You.  The Pewter Badge Button adds exactly the right touch.
 These leaves were so much fun to make.  I used my stylus to make the veins and then inked them up really well around the edges and some in between dabbing.  I was not careful to keep the paper flat so that it would look more "handled."  The stems of the roses are sucker sticks from the local craft store that I rolled on my Olive Ink pad.
 Experimenting with the roses was super-fun.  For this one, I rolled two cuts at the same time.  You can see that it opened a bit more than I would have liked at the center.  Wish I had a larger Opaque to pop in there than this one.  This is the biggest there is, however.  I will just have to work the paper a bit more next time I try this technique.
 This might be my fave.  Colonial white tipped with hmmmmm...yep not sure!  My best guess is Hollyhock Ink.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I can almost smell it.  ;)
 This rose is cut out of Sunset cardstock and tipped with the same color ink.  Subtle, but I like that the white core is hidden.  Can you see the base of some of the roses?  I inked up one of the small pointed flowers from the Just Blooms Paper Shapes to thread them on the stem.  I really like the leaffy effect it gives and it also makes a nicer transition from the flower to the stem.
 This one is in Colonial White and just so elegant.
 My personal favorite side is this one...the bracket is from the Irresistibles Miracle Chipboard Die Cuts.
Which side or flower is your favorite?  :)

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