Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of the school year countdown!

Yep...there is only one month of school left for my kiddos, and yours too I bet!  Have you thought about it yet?  How do you thank that special teacher in your child's life for a wonderful year of growing and learning and wiping oreo cookies up off the floor?  ;)  Here is an idea for you.  I made these adorable pillow boxes with the help of my trusty Cricut Expression 2 and the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cartridge.  They were sooooooo easy!
This one was a cinch with a little ribbon tied around it and a brad to attach the tag to the ribbon.  Cut the pillow boxes out at 5.5 inches if you would like to add a gift card inside.  My Senior Director, Mandy Leahy made a tutorial you can view HERE about how it is made.  You can see that there are an endless variety of ways to dress them up!

 For this one, I used some paper, hemp, and a button to give it an entirely different look!   What would you do to embellish a pillow box?  I will be hosting a gathering next month at my house to kick off my business, and you can try it there!  Soooo much fun!  More details to come!


  1. Amie, Love the ribbon and wreath tag. You do such great work. Thanks for sharing. Dana

  2. I LOVE Remarkable Wreath. Thank you so much, Dana--I am a big fan of your beautiful creations as well!

  3. Amie! I can't get enough of this stuff! Please email me a quote for a couple pillow boxes! Must have them...

    1. Oh, how I love pillow boxes, thanks! I will be in touch. :)


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