Friday, November 7, 2014

Liquid Glass: the Duct Tape of My Life

I am not kidding!  Some people use duct tape to solve all their "fix-it" issues at home...I use my Close to My Heart Liquid Glass!  I have shared many of these here on my blog from re-attaching stuffed animal eyes and cabinet knobs to fixing broken rings and Christmas ornaments.  Today I have a new one for you! 

Re-soling shoes!  Really!

This was my daughter's combat boot last week...yeah, awesome.

Still wearing my Captain America Jamberries from Halloween!  ;)

I had nothing to loose (except $50 on a new pair!) so I grabbed my Liquid Glass and gave it a shot!

I clipped it down to hold it while drying all day...

AND I kid you NOT, it held, and is still holding strong by the end of the week!!!  I am ecstatic and so is my daughter (who is essentially adult-sized!)  I think I just might call this stuff Liquid GOLD instead of glass!  ;)

You won't even find all these amazing abilities on the packaging (although I am going to suggest a better description for sure!)  Trust me, though, that I use it in so many ways besides adding heavy embellishments to my papercrafts and Base and Bling jewelry.  The amazing thing is that one bottle lasts an incredibly loooooong time.  It's kind of like Chinese food in that to keep on multiplying no matter how much you consume! 

Check out some Liquid Glass on my website, and don't forget to check out the specials for November!  Have a GREAT weekend!

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