Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cricut Explore Print then Cut Helpful Tips

I have a couple of tips for you today that come from my experiences so far in using the new (and AMAZING, I might add) Print then Cut feature on the Cricut Explore.  I didn't find this info anywhere when I tried, so I thought it would be helpful.

First of all...when you originally go in to set up your Print Calibration...if your screen looks like this, don't panic like I did:

There is supposed to be a  clicky to start the calibration where the red circle is...and it is there--I just needed to hit control and up or down to change the size of my screen, lol!!!  BIG thanks to the ladies over in the Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space Facebook Group for the assist on that one!  :)

 Here is my very first Print then Cut on my Explore (ignore the messy workspace, lol.)

I played around with it a bit to get the right colors (did you know you can change the print colors!?!) and ended up with this...

SO incredibly versatile!  A friend of mine advised me to stock up on ink cartridges, and I think I better take her advice on that one!  I see a lot more printing in my future!  ;)

Also, I will be posting up a picture tutorial on how to print fonts inside a shape to cut!  See you soon!  :)

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