Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Crush Book: Page 2

Are you ready to see some more of my new Close to My Heart Crush Book?  Awesome!

This is really the "title page" of the book, but I really wanted to use it since I decorated the inside front cover too.  I decided to make it a history of my concert  days of sorts.  My very first concert ever was the New Kids on the Block at the Rosemont outside of Chicago.  I think I was in 8th grade.  If there is one thing I have learned from being a mother, it is how much MY mom totally rocks.  You do not understand your mother fully until you stand in her shoes.  When I took my girls to see the Jonas Brothers a few years ago, I finally understood her sacrifice, lol.  ;)

 Now, we get to the ticket stubs!  Woot!  Here is the first...

I love all the embellishments in the kits that go with this Modville Crush Book.  There are stickers and papers that go with the color scheme inside the album.  You can easily add dates...

There are also some adorable little paper pockets in the Crush Assortments.  I used a leftover tag cut to record some of the songs that the bands performed and tucked it into the pocket along with another coordinating paper. 

Here is a bonus tip for you today!  If you have a project like this to make, just google the band and date...you should be able to find a set list with no problem...along with a few reviews!  ;)

I am absolutely loving documenting these concerts so far.  Pretty soon, I will have pics to go with some of them!  Stay tuned!  :)  You can check out the entire line of My Crush products on my website HERE.

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