Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Close to My Heart Washi Wednesday!

Welcome back to my blog!  I hope you are well rested and ready to meet all the amazing washi choices we have at Close to My Heart with the release of the New Spring and Summer Idea Book on February 1st!  I wanted to show them off, and show you a cute little easy way to use them, so I made up a quick video...take a peek!  :)

Here is that little envelope from the video--tell me this isn't the EASIEST way to pretty up your cards and letters!  :)

Remember, there is ONE more new washi coming out on February 1st, but I just didn't have it in my hands when I recorded my is a peek...and a sneak peak at my creation for Tag (You're It!) Tuesday next week!  ;)  This one is striped in Smoothie!  Yum!

Thanks for popping in to see my post today!  :)

Hold on for just one minute!!!  I have a ginormous goal to reach with Close to My Heart this year, and to make it happen, I'm going to need a few good peeps on my team!   I am looking for team members who I can help to build their dream job like I am doing right now.  If you have a heart for crafting or scrapbooking or cardmaking, then you can make your dreams come true as well!  It is never too late, really, it isn't!  I never thought I would be able to do something like this, but guess what?  I had never tried!  Once I did, I realized that my dream wasn't impossible, and that it CAN happen little by little.  BUT, that is the key--you HAVE to TRY!  I guarantee you that if you just sit back and wait for your dreams to come true, they won't.  Not ever.  Consider this quote that is often attributed to Mark Twain even though he didn't say the whole thing...

Yep, the picture is mine.  :)  And so is the little create sentiment!

I have a dream to reach my goal this year and it isn't going to be easy...but I believe it will happen with a lot of hard work...and maybe just a bit of pixie dust.  ;)   I am just one team member shy of becoming a manager, and even though I still have quite a few business cards that say, "Supervisor" on them, I would be OK with getting more, lol!  But to me right now, it is so much more than that.  I have seen my team members blossom and grow personally AND in their business through the process of mentoring and guiding them along in their goals.  Are you going to meet every goal you set for yourself the first try?  NO!  But how are you going to meet ANY goals by not trying?  If you never fail, it means you are not trying new things.  It is a safe road to travel, but it just goes in circles.  It is time to take a new road!

The very next person who signs up with me to try and make their dreams come true will get to choose one of the brand new Spring and Summer Workshops on the Go absolutely free from me.  Let me show you how to make your creative dreams come true!  :)

Click HERE to find out more about joining my team, or feel free to contact me at  It's time to throw off the bowlines and dance YOUR dance!  :)

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