Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Interrupt This Craft Blog...

OK, so this isn't a post about a cool craft I made or anything.  This is a post about a mission.  A little, actually no--A BIG voice spoke to me yesterday afternoon and you just don't ignore that BIG voice, because it is always right.  So I took action.

I recently scheduled my Close to My Heart Kick-Off Extravaganza Gathering and sent out the Evites to as many friends as I had emails, lol.  I posted on my FB business page and continued merrily browsing away.  The VERY first post I saw was from a friend that is participating in the 2012 Relay For Life Oswego/Montgomery and was asking for donations. * Enter THE BIG voice * Yep--it told me that I should donate half of my commissions from my kick-off to sponsor her.  What???  I helplessly replied.  But it was useless to question my own thinking at that point because I LOVED THE IDEA!!!  I was absolutely consumed with it by two seconds after it popped into my head.  I made the big announcement on my FB page later that evening, actually yesterday to be exact, lol.  After a bit of hilarious confusion on the part of my wonderful target, who is walking/running in memory of her friend who just recently lost her battle with the horrid beast that is cancer, she realized what was going on.  Oh the JOY of that moment.  It was fabulous.  And I want this donation to be fabulous too.  I want it to be three figures of fabulous.

Here is the link to my Kick-Off Extravaganza Event.  If you feel so inclined, use it to place your order by the date of the actual event, May 26th.  All orders to be counted toward this goal must be placed by that date--I can't get them in later because of the computer system.  You may also contact me by leaving a comment here with your contact information to place an order.  If you go directly to my website without this link, then make sure you choose to join the Kick-Off Extravaganza before checking out, or on the home page first.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Just a couple of ordering thoughts.  We have two specials going on.  In May, with a $35 order of Spring/Summer items you can add the Dotty for You paper pack of 24 fun double-sided papers for only $5.   Also, we always have a Stamp-of-the-Month set available one month at a special price of $5 with a $50 purchase.

Cancer sucks any way you slice it.  I am also donating in memory of many I know that have lost their battles with cancer and those who still struggle with it daily.  Hopefully with continued support and research we can give it the knock-out punch soon.

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