Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tip of the Day!

I had an absolutely fantastic time on my scrapbook retreat this past weekend, and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate National Scrapbook Day!  Now I am back to work with a quick tip I just used while making Mother's Day cards.  Have you ever signed a card that has a window on the front in the wrong place?  It has happened to me many times, and it is frustrating to say the least!  I just came up with a fab solution!

First, with your card closed, slip in a piece of lightweight or see-through paper or other material.  I used the backing that comes with our CTMH My Acrylix stamp sets.  Line it up with the top or bottom edge of the card window to cover the part you will NOT be writing on.  In the example below, I want to put a word at the top, so I line it up like this:
When you open the card, hold this sheet in place as a guide.  I now know how far down I can safely write and not infringe on the window opening.  Whew!

I did the same thing when writing at the bottom of the window, just lining it up with the bottom of the window instead.  Hope this tip saves you from revealing a bit too much too soon.  Now I have to tell my sister not to read my blog before IT reveals too much, too soon!  ;)  Later, gators!

OH!  Before I forget, I am entering a contest to win a Cricut Expression so here is a pic of me in my scrapbook room in the midst of crafty CHAOS!!!!  *sigh*


  1. Thanks for becoming a following on my blog! i've been following yours for a little bit now! Gotta love any site that loves cricut and ctmh! :)

    1. Sure thing, Jennifer! I know it took more than one try with blogger acting up, but I made it over there finally! I concur!


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