Thursday, April 6, 2017

15 Minute Memories! (Plus A Giveaway!!!)

Are you kidding me!?!  What in the world took me so long to try these layouts?

OK, yes, time.  Time is what kept me from using the new Close to My Heart Cut Above Layout Kits.  What I guess I didn't realize is that TIME is exactly what you GET from these ingenious little scrapbooker's dreams come true!!!

Here is what the Cut Above Layout Kit--Forever and Always looks like made as directed.... the pocket pages that you can make too!  Everything is included in the kit including the protectors!!!
It really has some gorgeous elements that I adore, but I already scrapped our wedding photos.  What's a scrapper to do???  Well, the layout happened to go lovely with... daughter's senior pics! 

I am definitely a rule-follower, EXCEPT when it comes to kits, lol!!!  I kind of forge my own way and get the most out of everything that I can.  So, instead of using the white doily punch outs on the page, I used them as stencils!!  I sponged Whisper Ink over it for a most beautiful effect.

Sooooo I was finished with the layout...until I added some not-included bits of bling...

These bits and baubles are from the  Gold Glitter Gems, Pink Enamel Gems, and Grey Enamel Gems.

On a total side note--how do YOU spell "grey/gray" when you type it???  This almost haunts me each time I need to spell it out because which is right???  Please help me out and leave a comment with your thoughts on this!  I LOVE grey/gray, and want to know what you think.  I am going to pick one commenter at the end of April and send them a package of Grey Enamel Dots!  :)

Are you ready for the BONUS news???  These ridiculously time-saving kits are HALF-OFF for the rest of the month of April or until they are sold out!!!!  There are two kits on sale to choose from, and they are each just $7.48 and create 6 COMPLETE pages for your scrapbooks.  The only things you need are some adhesive and your photos!  Scoop yours up today from my website using the links in my post, and I will send you the bling you need to add to yours like I did here!!! 

Half-off, are you KIDDING me!?!?!?

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