Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Watercolor on Wednesday

Welcome back to my little crafty blog!

Yes, I have been MIA for a bit, and I have not one, but TWO very good reasons for that.  The first is the fact that I have been completely consumed with watching my CUBBIES win the World Series last week!!!! (photos courtesy of trolling Facebook)  ;)

In my lifetime, I have seen every Chicago team win a championship!!!

OH my word, do you even believe it!??  I am STILL pinching myself to be sure it really happened!

OK, so the second thing consuming my time is not nearly as fun...through NO fault of my own, my internet provider (AT&T, and I highly suggest dropping them after this experience) suspended my email account!!!!!!  I have had this account since approximately the year 2000, so just slightly less time since the Cubs won their last series, lol.  Long story shorter--I have since been spending all my evenings getting into ALL my online accounts and updating my email addresses.  You can imagine the headache--especially when I cannot for the life of me remember my passwords!  I am using only a gmail account now and I HIGHLY recommend you use one instead of any email address that you are essentially paying to use.  I do NOT want you to have to go through this experience.  Trust me!

Now, on to the crafts!

I recently used an amazing piece of watercoloring that my daughter painted with my CTMH Watercolor Paints with a dropper....and I used it as a scrapbook layout background in her baby book!

You should have seen her face when she saw the layout...she was SO proud.

I added some of the Baby Boy and Girl Complements for some easy-peasy interest...and also some Enamel and Glitter Duo buttons and Gypsy stamped letters from the Marker Alphabet My Acrylix.

I love that my girl loves it!

Only available in November!
New Thin Cuts!

Get your 2017 Planner pages!!!

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