Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas!

The stockings are filled, the presents are placed, and this momma is headed to bed!  I just HAD to share the ornament I made for my oldest this year.  Each Christmas, the kiddos each receive an ornament that describes them at the current stage in their life.  We have everything over the years from Blue's Clues to Star Wars, Care Bears to Webkinz, and Barbie to Winter the dolphin.  They all change so quickly that it is truly a timeline of their interests displayed all around our tree.  I am happy to have been able to create one this year for a change!  I could not find one to suit my #1's personality, so I made it instead!

If you are in MY age bracket, then you may be entirely clueless as to what this means...and I am here to reassure you that you are just fine, lol.  This is the "logo" for a musical artist named Hoodie Allen that has stolen the heart and voice of my college girl.  She finally got to see him in concert, met him, and "swooned" as he signed her CD this month.  It was only fitting that this be her themed ornament this year.  (I guess I would have had one that had the New Kids on the Block at one time, lol!) 

I cannot wait to see her reaction!  I used my fine MS glitter inside the plastic ornament.  Then, after it dried overnight, I simply snipped my self-adhesive Silver and Black Shimmer Trim with the Non-stick Micro-Tip Scissors to form the logo.  Easy as french silk pie!  ;)

May your heart feel the love of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate today and always!  Merry Christmas!!!

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