Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Qraft!

Hiya!  I almost have my voice back.   Woo hoo!

In the meantime, I have been trying to leave the talking to everyone else and retreated to my craft room, design studio, chic cave--whichever you like.  A while back on pintrest, I found this AWESOME sign for a bathroom, so I just HAD to make one of my own.  Here is the original link to my inspiration:
Now, here is my creation!

I plan on making them for the girlies' school to place in their bathrooms as well.  The kiddos will love it!  This was the first time I ever used the Cricut markers in my E2.  It might be a little shaky.  I will have to try the cutfile in my Imagine and see how that one fares.  I also discovered that I just HAVE to get the Lyrical Letters Cart.  I have seen several beautiful titles created with one of the fonts on it that is fabulouso!  There are seven fonts on the cartridge in all!

Ok, ENABLER warning!!!!  I believe that I got the deal of the century today on Amazon.  I was browsing around for low cricut cart pricing when I stumbled on Country Carnival and Better together for what I considered decent pricing.  At checkout, I noticed that if I applied for the Amazon Visa, I would receive an instant $50 gift card credit to my account!!!  I could use it on that very purchase...but wait, there's more.  Remember that is running a little deal on the Imagine carts--buy 2, get 2 ink carts and a pattern cartridge for 9.99 SH.  Sooooooo....for the grand total of $23, I will own all of the above!!!!  Isn't that a steal?!?!  If you are credit-sturdy, this is definitely a grand offer to take advantage of!  Let me know if you do!

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