Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where did my crafty time go?

Oh bother.  I suppose it was bound to happen.  I have the after-Christmas-break-blues.  Sigh.  Anywho, there is a great group of gals putting together their noodles and pinning away on Pintrest to create the Cricut Boards!  This is something I can sink my teeth into for sure even if I can't create to my heart's content right now.  Click up above on the word Pintrest to see my boards!  I have a few photos of my projects to upload here so that I can get them propperly pinned.  The word of the day is PINTREST!  Goodness, it is a time-sucking black hole if you let it!  *giggle*  Like you have any control over it once you start, ladies!  ;)

OK, first up is a coolio little game I made for my baby girl's 7th birthday party.  RJ is TOTALLY into Disney's Cars, so I bought myself an Expression and the Cars Cart!  Wahoooie!  Here is Pin the Tow on Mater...

Next up we have the goodie bags I made for my big P's class Christmas celebration.  It is a bag from the CTMH Art Philosophy Cart.   I just made it as big as I could in the Cricut Craft Room.  Then I stamped it with baby Jesus, glittered up the star with my gold stickles, and topped it with some stretched out cotton balls.  The snowflake name tags are from Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake art, I believe.

That is all for tonight!  I will be back for more pinning posts...

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