Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Birthday Card

So much for my great start!  There was definitely more time for crafting over the girls' Christmas break.  *sighs heavily*  Now it is back to reality.  Here is a card I made for my mother's birthday coming up.  I was supposed to use my oldest papers for a challenge in the Use Your Stash thread in the Cricut Circle.  I chickened out by using the white side of them in my Imagine!  I just couldn't use the plaids and florals that I why is it that I have kept them this long????  Yep--I am a craft hoarder for sure.  The word of the day is hoarder.  I have tons of supplies that I don't use, yet cannot seem to part with for whatever reason. 

Here is the card before I forget, lol:

I used A Child's Year for most of the cuts except for the lettering which I used the MS Seasonal Cake Art cart for.  I also used Hopscotch and Imagine More to fill in the patterns.  I am not exactly thrilled with how the lettering turned out, but I was short on time.  I had created the entire layout on CCR (cricut craft room), but it would not work for me at the time I needed to make it.  Instead, I was left with doing it on the Imagine screen, so sizing was a big issue.  It turned out a bit on the playful side, but a bit off too.  Teaches me to not procrastinate, I suppose!


  1. Your card turned out really nice! Love the colors! Darn CCR scares me LOL.

  2. Thanks for coming to see and for the compliments, you guys! I usually love CCR...this time it just didn't love me back! ;)


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