Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cricut Tips for Close to My Heart White Daisy Cardstock

Hello, my crafty peeps!  I am popping in today to let you all in on some new information I have available from corporate today.  JUST as the title of this post states, it is all about cutting that pesky White Daisy CS that comes with your new Cricut Artfully Sent Collection...

This cutting information is useful if you are using ANY of the Cricut machines or cartridges with our White Daisy CS.  Here is the word on the street from CTMH:

"The White Daisy cardstock included as part of this collection makes a great base for the beautiful cards you will be creating using the Cricut® Artfully Sent cartridge from Close To My Heart. If you plan to cut one of our designed card bases or other shapes from the White Daisy cardstock using your Cricut® machine, there are a few things you should be aware of in order to get the best results.

Our White Daisy cardstock is a bright white paper that has been milled, not dyed, which leaves the cardstock more fibrous than our other cardstocks. This can cause the paper to adhere more stubbornly to the Cricut® cutting mats.

When cutting the White Daisy cardstock, we encourage you to:
  • Use a less sticky mat, whether that is a mat that has seen a lot of use or the LightGrip mat available from Cricut®.
  • Change your blade pressure to medium.
  • Double-cut the image using the “repeat last” function."

Now, I have been cutting the White Daisy for as long as I have been a consultant (two and a half YEARS!) and I have a few tips as well.

1.  Just like they said--use a good and seasoned mat--NOT a new or very tacky one!  Trust me on this one, you do not want to find out the hard way.  I find that an older mat that has been re-stickified with the Bonding Memories Glue is your BEST bet.  (That is a term I made up--like it?)  :)

2.  I currently use my Cricut Expression 2 with the settings on medium speed, HIGH pressure, single cut, and the blade depth at a 6.  As soon as my new Explore comes, and I have time to play, I will update my post.  For now, I get pretty good results most of the time this way as long as my blade is not nearing the end of its usefulness.  White Daisy CS does NOT play nicely with a dull blade. 

3.  I use a "rock and roll" method to remove my cuts from the mat.  I bend my cutting mat over backwards with the CS still attached after cutting and rolllll those shapes so they are practically popping off the mat before I even think about using a spatula.  I made up that term too...and it totally works!  :)

Let me know how these go for you! 

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