Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bring the Base and Bling!

Hi there!  I have been waiting to show you this fantastic new crafty creation from Close to My Heart!

Have you heard about the new Base and Bling line?  You can make totally customizeable jewelry at home with these fabulous new options from our Idea Book!

Here is the one I made to mimic the one in the picture...

I love that poofy flower--it says, "When in doubt add glitter" underneath!  :)  The little scissors dangle and the sparkle bling fit me perfectly too!  Here is a pic of the pendant on my chain for you to see the 30 inch length...

Yep, that's me!  Base and Bling Selfie!!! 

The Base and Bling metal composition is made of a zinc alloy in case anyone has any sensitivity issues and needs to know.  :)

Here is a list of the items I used to make my custom necklace...the best part is that you can make yours however you like with endless possibilities!   I can't wait to make mine in the Faux Antiqued Gold next!  :)

Base and Bling Rhinestone Charms
Base and Bling Square Pendants--Faux Antiqued Silver
Base and Bling Craft Queen Charms
Base and Bling Square Glass Covers
Base and Bling Chain--Faux Antiqued Silver
Base and Bling Craft Queen Style Sheet
Ivy Lane Assortment
Liquid Glass

Even better, here is a video by CTMH showing you all the new ways to make your custom Base and Bling necklace!

AND here is another one that shows you even MORE, including how to make yours!  :)


  1. LOVE it, Kigz! I'm gonna copy you!

    1. Please do as I copied the one in the Idea Book, lol! I could not resist adding that flower! :)


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