Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Class Treats

Just a quickie for you today, so here we go!

I made treat bags for my kiddos' class parties tomorrow at school.  These are SUPER-easy, so if you are just a busy mom looking for a quick and cute solution to goodie bags, you can DO this!  You can even find punches to make the shapes if you do not have a cricut cutting machine.  I used some heart stickers and cardstock that I already had on hand, so that counts for using my stash! 

I used the to/from square and the"you're sweet" round stamp which are both from the Whooo's Your Valentine Kit last month.  Add a couple of glue dots to stick the scallop and circle together, fold the paper cardstock over the top of the goodie bag, and staple!  Easy-peasy, like I said!  Seriously, a friend reminded me over the weekend that the kids are going to tear these things open anyway, so if you don't have time and energy to get fancy, DON'T!  ;)

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