Monday, March 20, 2017

Close to My Heart Planner Coloring Pages: February and March

It's the last Monday before spring break here, so that calls for another blog post to get us through!  Today I wanted to show you my Close to My Heart Planner pages that I colored for February and March.  Did you know you can still pick up this planner in three different bundles at a CLEARANCE price??? 

February is just BEAUTIFUL!  I love the colors on a stuck pretty much to God's natural palette.

These are the ShinHan alcohol ink marker colors that I used...

March was filled with birds of all kinds!  What a great way to get ready for spring!  I dug out some of our bird identification books and used the ShinHan markers again to create my favorites...

How many can you name?  :)

Wait, what?!?!?  Yep, ALL of them!

Get this tea-rrific stamp in March!

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