Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Birthday Bash!

Alright, yes, I have not been posting much lately because I have been prepping for a certain girlie's Halloween-Style Birthday Party.  Here are some quick shots of what I did, and can I just say, "I {heart} Pintrest!"

Mummy Bars

M&M Tubes with a tag I made with the Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge.

Back of the tag has a little "thank boo."

Making Mummy Dogs


Pumpkin Bowling

 Rice Krispie Treats!

The birthday girl as Benny the Bull

 Me.  Lost my Cruella wig and had to improvise.  Yikes!

Better go hide the puppies!!!


  1. OMG! I want to come and join the party! Yummy treats and great costumes! All your missing is bright red lipstick, lol.
    Hugs, Dangina

    1. You are totally right! I forgot the make-up, lol!!! Too busy doing the other prep, I guess. ;)

  2. Oh I love you Amie! :))) You gave me the best laugh today. I love your costume and I'd let you look after my puppy anytime! You did a great job on all the crafts and food, I'm sure the girls will have a great time!

    1. I have lost all inhibitions, lol. I must not look too scary either because the kids just laughed, sigh. ;) We had the party on Saturday--I forgot to say that!

  3. The party projects are awesome! Happy birthday to your special girl! Thanks for commenting on my STL Regional post. What a blessing it was to meet you & I hope we can keep in touch! Happy Halloween and Happy All Saints Day too!

    1. Hi Jane! Ditto to you AND Happy Reformation Day for the Lutheran crowd! ;) I am horrible at being a blog follower, so you will have to forgive me when I am mia!


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